Thursday, March 19, 2015

Low Clouds little painting by Polly Jones

Low Clouds by Polly Jones
Low Clouds by Polly Jones
I'm posting the second photo so you can get a sense of scale.  It's really that small, four inches square. It feels good for me to do some quick ones between all of the larger pieces I've been working on. When working small, you are more likely to resolve it quickly instead of obsessing over details...something I have to work at keeping fresh when going bigger.  Here in my Etsy store.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Strawflower in a blue bottle original still life painting by Polly Jones

Strawflower by Polly Jones
I love this cobalt blue jar which is the perfect size for showing off small flowers. I had to google this flower. Let me know if it's not a strawflower. The color was so vibrant and gorgeous and hard to capture, I just did the best I could to replicate it. This little 8" by 8" painting is in my Etsy store here.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Plums and Artichokes mixed media painting by Polly Jones

Braided Bowl by Polly Jones
I've been wanting to paint this milkglass pedestal bowl for some time now.  It's another one that was my mother's and I just love it. Layers here include map of the poles and Idaho, drawings of nightshade, peppergrass and thistle, wrapping paper I had saved and an article on hypnotism from The Golden Encyclopedia.  Okay, these are your ingredients-make something up if you like.  That's what I do:)

40" by 30" acrylic mixed media on canvas.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two small landscape paintings by Polly Jones

Another Glimpse by Polly Jones
 This is another painting inspired by a photo I took off the train in Italy last summer. I wish the surfaces of these highly textured ones photographed better.   It's 8" square and in my Etsy store here.
Ash Street Railway Tracks by Polly Jones
There's a huge stretch of railway tracks that I used to cross in my home town that has always made a visual impression on me. In my interpretation here, I've used dotted swiss fabric in areas which gives a funky texture, as well as an old hymn and some other papers. I like adding layers in order to express the many influences that go into the simplest acts of seeing.  This one is in my Etsy store here.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Daffodils in a Blue Willow Sugar Bowl original painting by Polly Jones

Daffodils in a Blue Willow Sugar Bowl by Polly Jones
I'm so glad I picked these before the latest coating of ice outside!  The sun is shining today:) 8" by 8" on cradled wood panel. Sold

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Two large mixed media still life paintings by Polly Jones

Double Happiness with Daylilies by Polly Jones

detail of Double Happiness with Daylilies by Polly Jones

Changing Light by Polly Jones
Changing Light detail by Polly Jones

These are a couple of the 30" by 40" still life mixed media paintings I'm working on for an upcoming show in November.  I'm really working hard to keep them as loose as possible and to avoid overworking them.   

Monday, March 02, 2015

Changing Light large mixed media acrylic painting by Polly Jones

Changing Light by Polly Jones
I decided to just post something even though there has been no decent sunshine for taking photographs.  This is one of three large still life paintings I've been working on.  All of them are 30" by 40."  I'm trying to decide if I'm done.  Today was the first day I've left the house since Thursday because of the weather.  Hope you are keeping safe and warm wherever you are!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Work in Progress ginger jar and daylilies painting by Polly Jones

work in progress by Polly Jones
I've been working on a couple of 30" by 40" canvases.  I ordered new supplies and am really liking the Paramount brand gallery wrap canvas. It's sturdier and will resist warping better.  I'll show you the other one later when I work it out better.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Winter makes you do things and Free Shipping on Society6 art prints

I have a few prints over at Society6 where they are offering free shipping until midnight PST if you use this code  I believe this code only works in my shop but there are lots of other artists and designers over there, it's a fun site to visit.
I Dream of Daffodils by Polly Jones
I revisited an older daffodil painting, changing the stripes to make them a more vibrant background for the flowers. Winter makes you do things like that.  It won't be long before I can paint daffodils from life!  They are already poking through the ground in my yard. This painting is in my Etsy store here.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ginger Jar and Patchwork Italy original mixed media paintings by Polly Jones

Ginger Jar by Polly Jones
I'm going to have to stop working on smaller paintings and gear up to make some big pieces I need for an upcoming show. More about that later:)  This one is on Etsy here.  It makes me happy to look at it on this grey day.

Patchwork Italy by Polly Jones
Here's another stab at landscape. The surface is crazy up close, full of brushwork and some collage. 11" by 14" acrylic mixed media on wood panel, here in my Etsy store.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Pear paintings

Monday Pears by Polly Jones
12" square on wood panel.  I experimented with some Liquitex texture gel, ceramic stucco.  Let me tell you, it was so much fun to use, reminded me of icing. Click on the image to get an idea of the surface if you want. In my Etsy store here.

Pears on Pink by Polly Jones
This 8" by 10" painting was done on request and is now headed to Australia!  I love it when that happens.

Grapefruit in Half by Polly Jones
Finally, an 8" square mixed media on wood panel. If you've been following my blog for very long, you've probably seen that blue willow bowl before.  This piece is also in my Etsy store here.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Double Happiness with Hydrangea mixed media still life painting by Polly Jones

Double Happiness with Hydrangea by Polly Jones
The characters on this ginger jar are for "double happiness."  And yes, it really is this bright in person. I am especially happy these days, there is so much to be grateful for in this life.  I was thinking about Matisse window paintings and Sigmar Polke while making this one. Some of the underlying papers are about film and moving pictures (Golden Book Encyclopedia) and arteries (a very old biology book).

It's on Etsy here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spiral mixed media still life painting by Polly Jones

I've been looking through my Matisse book again.

 18" by 24" acrylic mixed media on wood panel in my Etsy store here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Murmer, large mixed media still life painting by Polly Jones

Murmer by Polly Jones

I just realized I never shared "Murmer" on my blog. It was part of the show, Terra Incognito in 2013. Now it's on display at the Abilene Frame & Art Galleries.  30" by 40" acrylic mixed media on canvas.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Quieter Than Sleep large still life painting by Polly Jones

Quieter Than Sleep by Polly Jones
I was going through my blog and realized I had forgotten to share this 40" by 30"piece which was part of a show a couple of years ago.  (Terra Incognito) The painting title, Quieter Than Sleep, comes from an Emily Dickinson poem. It has references to the fleeting quality of life, the fragility of glass and flowers. It's been hanging in my house and today I went back in and reworked it a bit.  Today I've added it to my Etsy store.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm so grateful for all of the paintings sold this month! It's been the best ever.  Also, heartfelt appreciation for your continued interest in my work by reading this blog or keeping up with my work on Facebook or Instagram.  It is truly a blessing to have your support.  I'm excited about what the new year holds for my work, feeling energized and inspired.

Today is the last day of the 20% off store wide sale in my Etsy store. If you enter the coupon code 20off2014 when checking out it will show the correct lower cost. Below are three 30" by 40" paintings that I have added recently. Here is the link to my store:

Praying for safe travels for all out there on the roads, including my daughter and friends.  May your new year be full of blessings and growth!!!
Finer Gravitations by Polly Jones

Upper Air by Polly Jones

Off the Highland Main by Polly Jones

Monday, December 29, 2014

Work in progress

History is an Angel by Polly Jones
Today I worked on a painting from 2011.  No painting around here is safe from being reworked with the paint brush.  I once read a story about Bonnard going to a museum where he had a painting displayed. His supplies were hidden in his coat.  He had a friend distract the guard while he worked on an area that bothered him.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two blue flow paintings

Hope your holidays have been wonderful!  We have been having lovely family time.  Also, last couple of days I have been gratefully been back to painting after a hiatus.

Pear by Polly Jones
This is actually an older painting that I reworked a little bit.  It's pure paint on canvas with no mixed media. I have added it to my Etsy store here.

Blue Flow Grapes by Polly Jones
I wish you could see it in person because this one is all about surface and color shifts that I didn't photograph well.  Same bowl as used above but ends up quite different.  It's also in my Etsy store here.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Trumpet Daffodil by Polly Jones

Clouds over the Loch by Polly Jones

Mandarin Happy by Polly Jones
Lemon Tea by Polly Jones

Murcot by Polly Jones

Happy to say these paintings are headed to new homes! Thanks for participating in my sale over on Etsy. I'm so grateful for new patrons and for repeat buyers too! 

Here is the coupon code again:  20off2014.  It is to be entered in when checking out. At that time the 20% off is shown before completing the transaction.  My shop link: PollyPainting

Friday, November 28, 2014

20% off coupon code in my Etsy store

Punch by Polly Jones

Right now I have a store wide coupon code for 20% off on paintings in my Etsy store! The code 20off2014 will be good until January 1, 2015. This coupon code is entered in at checkout time.  If anyone has trouble with it working correctly, all you have to do is contact me at and I will refund you what you paid over.  It should work fine though.  Please let me know if you have any questions about available work or international shipping.  I would love to hear from you.

I plan to add a few larger paintings that I have not yet put up for sale including "Punch" from last year. 

Hope your holiday has been relaxing and wonderful!  We are in the lovely turkey coma and going to the movies phase. Taking time to be thankful reminds me how much I appreciate your your interest and support of my art work. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Society6 Prints (free shipping today)

I really need to be baking but wanted to share that Society6 is having free shipping today. I have three paintings available as prints there at Polly Jones/Society6.  They also have all kinds of other prints from different artists too. 

Friday I plan on making a coupon code that will work as 20% off in my Etsy store. 

Hope you are having great friends and family time this Thanksgiving.  I'm so happy to have my daughter home and  my father-in-law driving in.  Blessings on you all.

Tuesday Afternoon by Polly Jones, now available as a print.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clouds over the Loch original mixed media landscape by Polly Jones

Clouds over the Loch by Polly Jones
This mixed media acrylic landscape is 4" by 12" on canvas.  Truly having fun with some of my photographs and memories from Scotland this past summer. Also, I have some bread rising which makes me feel disproportionately happy. It helps me forget the nagging, unfinished bathroom update that I'm trying to ignore.

Friday, November 14, 2014

BCCA show

Polly Jones with "Off the Highland Line"
I'm smiling really big here because I won a second place in the 2D category with my landscape painting last night. I got the same award last year. Also had the still life painting from below in this show. Have a great weekend!

Upper Air by Polly Jones

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon original still life painting by Polly Jones

Tuesday Afternoon by Polly Jones
I did a painting with this same tablecloth and a yellow teapot a couple of years ago and called it Monday Afternoon.  Since I mostly finished this yesterday afternoon it earned the name Tuesday Afternoon.  In my Etsy store here.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Silver show at The Center For Contemporary Arts

For Lucy by Polly Jones

Slight Disorder by Polly Jones
Hello everyone.  I forgot to share with you that I have a couple of paintings in a group show of the signature artist members for The Center for Contemporary Arts here in Abilene, Texas. We went to the opening last night and I forgot to take photographs. "For Lucy" (which you have seen in many variations before on my blog) is 24" by 36" mixed media acrylic on a wood panel.  "Slight Disorder" is 36" by 41.5" mixed media acrylic on wood panel.